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Mama Got Dressed Today: Maternity Style from Le Tote

Charlotte, NC, USA
Finding just the right maternity clothes is kind of a pain. Le Tote has been the absolute best maternity style service that I have tried so far. And that includes ordering various outfits from tons of different stores as well. This post is not sponsored but I hope another mama-to-be sees this and is encouraged to try it out because the first time I felt put together in my pregnancy so far was when I was wearing my Le Tote pieces. My full experience plus a $25 off link is below!

My Experience with Maternity Clothes + Le Tote

This was one of the first times in weeks (months?) that I wore actual pants that were both comfortable and made me feel good! Yep, pants other than my super lose sweats or pj pants. I had this outfit on for probably a few hours and these days, that's saying something.

Le Tote was recommended to me by my sister-in-law and it has been my favorite pregnancy indulgence. I love that I get a big selection of items sorted according to my style and then can heart my favorites. So far I love what I've received in terms of quality and matching my personal style. I feel SO good knowing I can slip into something comfortable and stylish when I do want to go out.

The Kimi and Kai top is 100000% wonderful in every way! I love it for pregnancy and postpartum. Not only is it flattering but the fabric feels luxurious and soft on my belly. The one thing I have learned about maternity clothes is that they are not all made equally. It is easy to look at anything stretchy and think it is good enough but having thoughtful design for a changing body makes a world of difference. 

To explain...the top has a layer that fits snug right on my belly, then the outer flowy layer on top. The top portion has hidden zippers on each side that make it nursing friendly. I love the color and the weight of the fabric. It is a solid investment. The prices for your items vary but I find them to be competitive with Nordstrom Rack prices if not even cheaper in many cases.

For the box overall, I kept the top, a dress, and necklace. I sent back the other dress because the cut wasn't my favorite and the purse because I did not need it, BUT I wore and used both over 2 weeks time which was fun.

PS: The pants I have on I ordered separately from Le Tote. They are by Motherhood Maternity and just a tad long for me (I'm 5'1) but not too bad. After trying quite a few stores, the Motherhood Maternity brand won me over (downside: they are lay flat to dry only). 

How to Le Tote Works

Sign up Once you sign up for Le Tote and create your style profile you browse items chosen for your style and heart whatever you love- they remain in your Closet. 

Get Styled When it comes time for your tote, a stylist puts together a selection of items which varies depending on the Tote you chose. I went with 3 clothing items and 2 accessories (purses, jewelry, scarves). 

Finalize Your Styles Most importantly, before it is finalized and mailed, you get to decide if you want to swap anything or everything. This has been great for adding pieces I need or want for certain occasions that pop up or my whatever my mood is at the time. 

Your Tote You receive your tote, keep what you want, and send back the rest in the pre-paid shipping bag. And if you purchase your whole tote, you get your next month's tote free! Not even kidding, for my second tote I'm buying it ALL. Email, comment, or message me if you have any other questions. 

Fun at the Planetarium + Smithsonian Folklife Festival

600 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20560, USA
How are you doing? Let's catch up. Between my last post and today I have been resting a TON. My body has just needed it really badly. When I get that tired I try to just let myself sleep however much I  need, which means way less time on here. One thing I have recently cut out of my life is caffeine so it could have to do with that as well. If you follow on Instagram, you know my family was in town for a few days! It was really great to see them and take them around the city.

Moving onto this Sunday...the day began with coffees at Compass Coffee and then a walk to the Air and Space Museum to see a show in the Planetarium. And after that was lunch and dessert at the Folklife Festival. See it all below!

Even though it was SO hot out, I really wanted to wear this new kimono I got awhile back. My skin is ridiculously sensitive to the sun, so sometimes it actually works in my favor to cover up more. It is a very lightweight piece and I can't wait to wear it again and again!

Exhausted and sweaty but...HELLO from the Air and Space Museum. You can wear special glasses and view the sun using this special telescope! We have been thinking about getting a more advanced telescope and this visit to the museum made us want one even more. I have also been messing around with my DSLR to see what kind of night photography I can achieve with the lens I have right now. It would be amazing to capture some of the night sky when we go beach camping later this summer!

We saw "Dark Universe" in the planetarium and it was awesome! And it was narrated by Neil deGasse Tyson, which made it extra awesome (any other StarTalk junkies out there?) I highly recommend going to see one of the shows going on right now. It costs $9 for a ticket and the IMAX theater is also really fun to see a movie. I love getting tickets for after hours. It is just so cool to see the museum at night. You cannot walk around the entire thing but you see enough to enjoy seeing a few things with no one else around.

The theme of this year's Smithsonian Folklife Festival is "On the Move", featuring cultures that have immigrated and migrated throughout the United States. Typically, this festival highlights one country, so it was unique to see a blend of so many different and interesting cultures. Honestly, I had forgotten the festival was even going on and just happened to walk by and decide to get food here. I am so glad we stumbled up on it! 

This panel focused on the Power of Girlhood! Yes! I loved that we were sitting near a grandmother who turned around to her granddaughter and grandson, lifted her arms to cheer, "YES! THE POWER OF GIRLHOOD!" 

This was the kind of thing that encourages equality and respect towards women and girls. Letting female voices be heard, listening to their experiences. At one point the panel was asked,  "When did you know you were no longer a little girl anymore?" I'm grateful to have heard each of their stories and experiences. 

In and out of the political world, in and out of our own country, it is difficult to see the way women are spoken of and treated in much of media and culture. It would be so easy to let anger overcome it all. Seeing things like this reminded me that there are good, positive things happening for young girls. They are our future. And we cannot hold half the sky if our hands are bound and twisted in anger. Better to keep focused on hope and love, because those things prevail. 

After this it was time to get back home and relax. I got a new planner and new pens (...please tell me you have a favorite kind of pen, too!) that I am starting to write in things to do for this week. I got it specifically to write and plan my blog posts, and my life. We'll see how it goes!

How was your weekend? What are you most looking forward to this week?


Link love: Folklife Festival, Free People kimono, StarTalk Radio, Albert Einstein Planetarium