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Byron Lars Sheath Dress from Anthropologie // Adorn

8th St NW & F St NW, Washington, DC 20001, USA
Ladies, we are in luck! There is a 20% off full price purchase at Anthropolgie this weekend. If you happen to be on the hunt for the perfect little black dress, look no further. This was one of the best investments I have ever made in my wardrobe!

Two years ago I bought this dress for my husband's holiday party. It is still top rated on the Anthropologie website, where you can see in the reviews that women that of all ages and body types have worn this for countless occasions. I remember a review from a woman who brought it with her to Paris! I never pack anything dressy for travel (unless I'm going to a wedding), but that sparked inspiration to remember to bring along a little something special next time I travel somewhere like Paris.

This dress is perfect for so many reasons. Whether you unclasp the top and bottom for a more sultry look, or keep things together for a more traditional style it is so, so feminine and alluring no matter what. Plus the ribbon around the! Here's to you looking beautiful in this classic dress! And right now is the best time to get it with the extra discount. 

PS: The petite sizing for this dress was incredibly tiny- like I could not move in it tiny. I'm on the smaller side but the regular sizes may fit better even if you can or usually wear petite sizes. Happy shopping! Comment or message me if you have any other questions! 

Photography by Tenneal of in11views
at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC

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  1. Yay it's my favorite dress!
    I really love how universally flattering this dress is - Sometimes I go to the Anthropologie website to see how the same dress looks on different body types! It seriously looks lovely on everyone and you look so fabulous in it!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes