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Private Cabin at Savage River Lodge // Getaway

1600 Mt Aetna Rd, Frostburg, MD 21532, USA
At times it is difficult to reconcile my adoration for being in nature with all the fun of living in downtown Washington, DC. One way I try to keep things balanced is by planning weekend trips to spend time outside. In the midst of a very busy March I was planning ahead and searched desperately for a place that we could hike, bring our pup Logan, and not have to worry about cooking. It was just meant to be that I stumbled upon Savage River Lodge. 

We had a wonderful stay here for a weekend! Because it is so nearby to DC, I want to share details about this place for others, especially those who want to travel with a dog. If you have any questions, email or comment and I would be happy to share more info.

We spent all our time gathered around that gas fireplace, I swear! It was irresistibly cozy. Overall, I think this is a great place if you want to spend most of your time outside and have a comfortable, cute cabin to go back to between outings. It is a place to bring a book and have long talks on the porch. The guest book pages read again and again, "We needed this." And isn't that so true? Don't we all need some time away in the peace and quiet of nature? 

What I loved the least: 
I love a luxurious bathroom. When it comes to glamping, any bathroom over having none is "glamorous" but I found that these ones needed an update. Don't get me wrong, they were fine and even had big bathtubs, but it is what I was least impressed with. If I could change one other thing, I wish there were skylights in the cabins! I know, I'm pushing it I suppose, but wow, how pretty would that be? 

What I loved the most:
The cabins are right near the trails making it easy to hike each day. The staff remembered every detail about who we were including specific dietary restrictions. Logan was welcomed with treats and so much kindness. That made me feel so good! They provided bowls for his food, they have a dog food menu, special treats...I could go on and on. Each morning a cooler or picnic basket filled with goodies is dropped off at your doorstop. Instead of knocking, they quietly leave it at the door by 8:30am. The staff is there if needed, but otherwise you are left without interruption. I really, really enjoyed the privacy and not having to talk to anyone. That sounds awful but it is true! Oh, and the entire cabin was spotless...perfectly clean!

This was a 2 hour and 45 minute drive from downtown DC. It was easy to find and we rented a four wheel drive (they recommend this) from the airport to use for the weekend. 

Request a cabin that has a private porch facing the forest. We stayed in Cabin 13, which picked up right at the Bodhi trail and had tons of privacy.

We found ourselves wanting to listen to music and a podcast but forgot our portable speaker. Definitely bring one along! 

There is no wifi anywhere on the premises but our service was fine.

The yurts look amazing! I originally attempted to book a yurt but those are not pet friendly. I would go back to stay in one for sure.

Last, we took all our meals to go, which took some time but everything was fresh and packed nicely into a basket to carry back to our cabin. We also had dinner sent to our cabin, which I recommend as well. Why dine out when that experience is so plentiful in DC? Eating in a spacious cabin was more enjoyable for us.

I will be planning more experiences like this throughout the year so look out for more posts on fun weekend trips!

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