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Best Rooftops in Washington, DC // Colorful J.Crew Outfit

Washington, DC, USA

The seasons of rooftop parties and brunches are upon us. If there is one thing Washingtonians love, it is a good meal shared with awesome people looking over our beautiful city. Because all buildings in the District must be shorter than the Capitol building we get to enjoy a sprawling view of amazing monuments and neighborhoods for as far as the eye can see.

Whether you are here for a summer or you are a local, you are bound to find yourself invited or hosting a rooftop gathering. That being said here are some things I think about when getting ready for such an event:

They are by nature rather casual events but not quite pool parties! On weekdays some people will attend straight from work, so you do not want to feel totally underdressed, but there's no reason to wear business dress unless it is clear you have to. Typically I like to wear something fun and trendy but still more put together than my denim cut-offs and tank top. 

With food or a drink and limited seating, expect your hands to be full. This fact teamed with some breeze means wind-proofing your look is well worth your time. In whatever you wear, ask yourself if you stood outside would you be fiddling with your dress or top every two seconds as the wind blows? Or can you stand around comfortably? Make sure your clutch or purse has a strap so you can wear it instead of having to hold it the entire time.

Can you comfortably stand in your shoes for long periods of time? I like to wear a little something above my casual sneakers or flip flops for rooftop events. A casual outfit can go a long way with a fun shoe! I love these wedges because somehow they are endlessly easy to stand and walk around in.

It's not all about parties, however, as places like the Newseum have a beautiful view from the balcony. If you are wanting to show off a quintessential DC landscape try food and drink at the POV at the W Hotel. And for happy hour after work the rooftop at Bar Deco in Chinatown will not disappoint.

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  1. Ahh I just moved to a new building and we have the best rooftop! I can't wait until they open the rooftop pool as well.

    I love this outfit - the color of your top is gorgeous on you!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes