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Cookbooks I Love: Porridge by Anni Kravi // Nourish

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Let me just put it out there- my cookbooks are like best friends to me. Between reading the recipe, shopping for the ingredients, the time taken to prepare the meal, and the experience of eating it, there's quite a bit of involvement going on! One thing I always do is read them cover to cover to get a feel for the amount of time and energy the recipes typically require. And I absolutely adore when authors share meaningful, thoughtful content behind how the recipes were created. The anticipation of trying a new recipe is thrilling to me. Even when it is something easy and small, like these chia pudding pots.

The chia pudding (shown above) was made with cardamom and topped with hazelnut (I subbed this because I had a bunch to use up), and coconut flakes. Fresh from the fridge, the cardamom will cool down your whole body the second you take a bite. Do keep in mind that chia seeds are not well tolerated by all. It is recommended to start slowly- perhaps a teaspoon or so and work up from there. Some find soaking chia seeds helps with digesting them, and others have no problems with them at all.

Flipping through the pages of Porridge, there is bowl after bowl of food that looks a lot like art! Really! Anni Kravi dedicated a section of the book to explain how putting the bowls together and arranging the toppings can be a meditative practice. While I am someone known to eat an entire burrito bowl in ten minutes, I try my best to eat slowly and mindfully. 

The recipes are simple but require reading ahead because sometimes the toppings require soaking overnight or for a few hours. Best to chose your meal and have everything ready. When I made the quinoa + sweet potato + edamame bowls last night, having all the toppings prepped made it a quick and delicious meal. As well, ingredients are listed in grams and ounces so use a conversion measuring cup and have your food scale handy if you have one. The recipes in Porridge are dairy-free, sugar-free, vegan, and absolutely packed with flavors you never expected. In sum: humble, nourishing recipes with gourmet taste.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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