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Marion Street Garden + Brunch at Convivial in Shaw

Ready, set, slooow down...that's what a Sunday well spent means to me. Once I was back in DC I was so ready to take a walk and enjoy being home.

Logan was SO happy we were home. A weekend away and I have to say I missed him the whole time! Thankfully an awesome couple who are friends of ours were able to watch him while we were gone. We always joke they are his Aunt and Uncle, but it's really true. One time his "uncle" brought him to get fries at Chik-fil-a.

He is so funny! There are certain homes he just desperately wants to visit. I like to think there are nice people living there and he just knows it! Or ya know, maybe just a furry friend. 

How cute is this lavender house?! They had all kinds of pots with bright yellow flowers in them, too. I couldn't capture all that from this angle. 


Isn't this amazing?! A whole plot of land maintained and cared for by a small, neighborhood community. The Marion Street community garden is located on 6th and Marion Street NW, the closest metro stop being Mt. Vernon or Shaw. And the G2 bus stops one block away on 7th and P!

Thank you to Sarah of District Damsel for showing this to me when we got brunch a few weeks ago. This garden is the type of thing that makes living in the city really meaningful. I'm glad it exists and is so tended to. There are herbs, veggies, and a compost set up. Visit here for open times and more information.

I would just LOVE to have a veggie or herb garden of some sort. Right now it is not entirely possible, but I have been eyeing some cute herb container gardens that could work. When we lived elsewhere, I had grown all kinds of herbs on our back porch. There is nothing quite like cooking with fresh goodness from your own garden.

When Logan was a puppy he used to help me garden! (I have some photos!!) He loved eating sage and chewing on the tiny shovel. It was SO cute! 

Convivial for brunch is always a good idea. I love going here for anything from a big ol' burger or filling, yummy vegetarian dish. One of the most raved about dishes on the brunch menu is this whitefish salad sandwich- topped with lemon juice, sunflower seeds, and edible flowers. I had to try it and yum...

Do you ever feel like Sundays are just wasted? I get that way. Sometimes I have done nothing just to avoid my to-do list. It means sitting around and in the back of my mind feeling stressed about what I should be doing. Ever since I let off the pressure to have every single thing in order before the week begins I am happier.

Instead I choose to focus on a handful of priorities and then the rest of my relaxation time is guilt-free. Because let's be honest, there is always more to be done! I left out a portion of my day because I think it deserves a post of its own- preparing meals for the week. I hope you'll be back for that!

Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful, wonderful week!


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