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Rooftop Relaxing Featuring a Cute, Packable Sun Hat

Every single day I wear sunblock, sunglasses, and generally try to do everything I can to protect my skin from sun exposure. For so long I never wore hats like this unless I was at the beach, but right now I am crazy for them! Why not wear one on one of my weekend walks with Logan? Or sitting outside having coffee? 

This sunhat is easy to carry along because it folds and unfolds easily. The navy color and shape are really versatile, so if you do not normally wear hats casually, I think this is a good one to start with and at a low price point. You can find it here! And don't forget to use code: SWANN20 for 20% off your whole purchase!

This weekend feels like a whirlwind after catching a late night train to Philly for a wedding and now an early train back to DC today. I definitely need some time relaxing on the rooftop today and cuddling Logie! Happy Sunday to you! May it be well spent. 

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