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Sundays with Swann Street // Earth Treks + Poki District

Washington, DC, USA
I am really loving putting together this series. It is only the second time I'm sharing but Sundays have so much to love about them! Especially a bright, sunny day like this after a week of cold rain. 

Messy hair and all, hello! Fun fact about me: I try to wash my hair as little as possible. Maybe went a little long this particular week but I knew I would be climbing later so, who cares, ya know?

Outfit details: Madewell swing top (similar, and only $17!), J.Crew cargo pants with zippers (in petite and on sale now!), red clogs by Lotta from Stockholm

If you are ever looking for a peaceful spot to get a coffee or a meal walk right into the Portrait Gallery on F Street and take a seat in the atrium. No matter what the weather is outside the temperature in there is perfect. The food is really good (they have cheese plates, craft beer, desserts!) and somehow it never gets too loud. 

Lunch at Poki District was really delicious and so fresh! This place recently opened on 9th and F NW- right near the Portrait Gallery and between Chinatown and Archives metro stops. You order a bowl with a base like rice or zucchini noodles with raw fish and lots of toppings! These kind of places are most often found on the west coast so I am really happy to have one nearby now. When I visited Honolulu last summer there were bowls like this sold everywhere and it was also the trip I left feeling like I had a major health boost. I definitely recommend you give Poki District a try! 

My bowl had brown rice and quinoa as the base with marinated salmon, tuna, and every topping (minus the fruit and cilantro) plus wasabi mayo and some crunchy-goodness to top it off!

Still diligently working on projects in the apartment! We have artwork and photos to hang, and lots of planters to fill. It is a work in progress but it is coming along nicely. ACE Hardware has a decent selection of succulents and hearty house plants, plus some basic pots to choose from and so we stopped in to get a few things.

These cards are by Cherry Blossom Creative! Their neighborhood prints make perfect gifts for Washingtonians. One of the things we have left to frame is our large print of Shaw!

Indoor rock climbing and bouldering have become passions of mine! I just got my own climbing shoes, too. So yes, I'm a total newbie!

My husband has climbed forever and so when we learned about a new gym opening we had to try it. Earth Treks is located at Crystal City metro stop and you can actually get to it without ever going outside. You will see arrows throughout the walkway that direct you towards Earth Treks. They have yoga and workout classes, a gym, lead climbing, and a giant bouldering area. 

Workout outfit: Lululemon high times crop (similar pattern and style here), sculpt tank, and energy bra

I never expected to even like climbing. Here I am in love with it! The mental and physical challenge is incredible. These days part of my motivation to work out is to become stronger so I will be capable of doing more fun climbing routes. It may sound crazy, but climbing here has changed my life. Here are two clips from a bouldering route I tried on Sunday. It's a level V2, meaning it is two levels above the introductory level. For me, it was a challenge! 

You will notice that bouldering involves climbing with no rope or harness. That is because the climbs are about 20 feet tall and to get down you climb down or drop from a safe distance. There's no sound in this video- as it would be a minute of my hubby's cheers and coaching, which I appreciate but thought maybe would be distracting for you all. Anyways, see below if you are interested!

Have you ever wanted to try something totally new?

I say go for it! You never know how much you may enjoy it. Don't doubt yourself, you are capable!

Happy Sunday. I hope this week treats us well.

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