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Rainy Sunday at the US Botanic Garden + A Video

United States Botanic Garden, 100 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC 20001, USA

One thing about rainy days in DC is that there is always a museum to hop into. And on this rainy Sunday it just made sense to get out of the apartment for awhile and do some exploring. At the botanical gardens there was endless inspiration for ways to hang house plants and help them thrive. I took notes on which kind of soil mixes and plant holders were used. This weekend marked some big progress with orders placed to start our gallery wall and new plant holders delivered. I'm excited!

Believe it or not, this was my FIRST EVER visit to the US Botanic Garden! Each garden has a distinct look and feel. The tropics garden is kept extremely humid and was my favorite. I miss the way humid air made my skin look and feel. Besides the topics there are a handful of different areas with themes such as the dessert, culinary plants, medicinal plants, orchids, and more, plus a lovely outdoor garden. 

So these pants...they are "sleep pants" according to the Anthro website but I felt like wearing them out. They are the same as many of my patterned joggers so why not? Okay, maybe I'm crazy but they were comfortable and I have no regrets! I had them on sitting around the house before we left. All I did was change my top to go out. Seeing the potential in each piece of clothing I own is helpful as I am trying to keep my closet to a minimum. It's a process.

Overall I found the US Botanic Garden to be really wonderful and a place enjoyed by all ages. There are a variety of different plant and wellness events every single month and I really want to go to one! Seeing a new place for the first time I was distracted and trying to take in my surroundings, but I did film just enough clips for a very short video. I am getting my DSLR repaired so I can film in higher quality. It is my favorite way to share content. Anything you would love to see? Let me know.

Hope you enjoyed this week's Sundays with Swann Street!

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