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Make One Perfect Jar of Jam // All-Natural, Honey-Sweetened

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Have you ever seen recipes out there for making one or two big chocolate chip cookies? I love those! They come in so handy. When I decided to make my own jam I felt that measuring enough to make one simple jar would be the way to go: a small enough amount to fit the average size container, but large enough to last and be worth the time to make. I promise this is the easiest jam recipe! It is made without pectin or refined sugar, and there are no fancy tools needed. This was my first time ever making jam so for any newbies out there, I'm right there with you.

Even though my kitchen was in need of deep clean and there with so many other errands that could have been done, I needed (and desperately wanted) to do something with all these organic strawberries! I bought them at a market in Pennsylvania while I was visiting some family a few days ago. I also recently had my wisdom teeth removed! So between recovery for that and the mini road trip to see family, I was ready to enjoy my home and get back in my routine.

Baking is one of those things that makes me so happy. Hands covered in flour, honey, whatever it may be- unplugged from everything else. The first thing I always do is read my recipe from start to finish, and then I gather all the ingredients and supplies that will be needed. My number one rule of baking is to improvise. Recipes call for all kinds of different supplies and ingredients, but you would be surprised to know just how many replacements there are! If you dislike strawberries, replace the berries in this recipe with your favorite- or even a mix of your favorite. Have fun with it!

I look at this and see an unintentional (but perhaps very heartfelt) middle finger to how fast Sundays fly by...

You can find this giant bottle of honey at Costco! It has been a repeat purchase for me. I love local honey but when recipes call for a cup or more of honey at a time, it is best to have quality bulk honey. I use local honey for tea, to top off granola or yogurt, and other things like that. 

This is how your berries will look when the boil begins. Also the point where husband asks, "Are you making apple sauce?!" I love when the smell of the kitchen fills up the apartment with goodness. 

While I waited for the jam to simmer I decided to bake some biscuits, too!

And there it is! One jar of sweet, thick, all natural jam! I hope you will give it a try.  

One Perfect Jar of Jam
2lbs of organic strawberries (or berry of choice)
1.25 cups of honey
1 tablespoon lemon juice

Wash your berries, remove stems, slice in half
Add berries, honey, and lemon juice to a pot
Bring to a boil and stir
Leave on low-medium heat until desired thickness is achieved*
When finished, add your jam to a glass jar
Let it cool a bit with the lid off
Add the lid and refrigerate!

*It took my berries for-ev-er to thicken- well over an hour! Just stir your jam every so often and see how the consistency is looking. If it is really runny, just let it sit longer. It may look like nothing is happening but slowly the water is evaporating leaving behind the jelly-like texture that makes for delicious jam. While you are waiting, resist the temptation to turn the heat way, way up- that will only cause the jam to burn and heat too quickly to properly form. 

Happy baking!

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