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My Experience with Flytographer // Honolulu, Hawaii

Kalanianaole Hwy, Honolulu, HI 96825, USA
Excited does not even begin to describe how much I looked forward to and enjoyed my experience with Flytographer during our trip to Honolulu last summer. If you are taking a trip, you HAVE to know about this. I repeat: you must at least give this a look! It was an incredibly fun experience and we could have never captured these kinds of photos on our own.

Like I wrote in my last throwback post, my husband and I try to get at least one photo session together every year. We do not plan it around our exact anniversary, we just aim for a different setting each time. When in Hawaii, you kinda want to get photos of the incredible scenery. Even better than that, the scenery plus you actually being there in the moment. And so that's exactly what we did.

Flytographer is a photography service for vacation, proposals, and really any occasion you want. They work with selected photographers in a variety of cities all over the world. The packages range from 30 minutes, to an hour, or more. The cost for a one hour session was $350 and included two locations. Packages offered vary from city to city, but the cost appears to be the same (from what I can tell).

We browsed the Honolulu photographers on the site and really loved Trevor's work. It stood out because of the deep tones, beautiful locations, natural shots, and he just sounded like a creative, awesome person. All the couples in his shots looked relaxed and like they were having a blast- and we totally did, too.

After choosing the photographer, I filled out a request form that took only a few minutes to complete. The next day a Flytographer assistant was in touch and that person works between you and the photographer for scheduling, payment, planning your shoot, and answering any questions you may have along the way. We completed a shoot survey where we got to give details about what we really wanted from our session. Trevor had tons of suggestions for where to go.

The evening before the shoot, the same Flytographer assistant reached out again to confirm all the details. The morning of our session we met at Lanai Lookout for sunrise and it was stunning! And at our second location (not pictured) Trevor got shots of us in the water, which was super fun and felt so romantic. We also got a lot of beautiful portraits together, which I have not shared here, but know we were not limited to these same few poses. When we returned from our trip a link to download all the photos was sent to us!

Could you find your own local photographer at whatever location you are visiting? Yes, sure. But this service makes it all so much easier. Especially if you are traveling to a place where your primary language is not spoken. This is not a sponsored post by means, (I would be honest in my opinion regardless) but the customer service was really incredible, too. I would definitely do this again.

And last, whether through Flytographer or not, these kinds of experiences are not just for couples. Browse their blog and you will find photo sessions of solo travelers, families, girls' name it! There is always a reason to capture special days and I think the investment is well worth it. But you probably are not surprised to hear that from me! 

Happy travels!


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  1. WOW these photos are gorgeous! I'm actually going to Hawaii on June 30th (we're going to Kauai though) and I may have to look into flytographer and see if they do photos on different islands too. You guys are such a gorgeous couple!

    xo Deborah
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