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Puppy Love: A Dog's Life in Washington, DC

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Well friends, this past Sunday I spent the morning indoor rock climbing and finally got my booty back on the stair machine again! I have a love-hate relationship with that thing. Later, during what seems like the most swelteringly hot and sunny afternoon, Logan and I took a walk to this adorable Watermelon House. I have to laugh when people tease about having a "dog child." From health and diet choices and daily routines, these fur babies really do need a lot of care and attention. While most of us picture a big backyard as the perfect place for a dog, an urban setting can be just as great. Logan has lived most of his life strutting his stuff down city streets and we have learned a thing or two along the way:

Dog friendly apartment buildings: Be aware of pet amenity fees. They very in cost but typically range from $50-100 per month, plus a possible one-time fee. There are apartment buildings that have full dog parks and other great amenities, making your fee more than worth it! The most useful amenities are spaces to let your dog out with doggy bag stations, and a pet washing station. 

Have fun at dog parks: Our favorite park downtown is the S Street Dog park on S and 17th NW. 

Know where to shop: Although you may find the best deals online, know where you can go for any last minute needs like food, toys, treats, or flea/tick treatments. There are quite a few Unleashed stores downtown so be sure to sign up for your Pals Rewards. 

Keep things tidy: We bought a simple but sizable storage drawer to keep all of Logan's toys, treats, and accessories. We started with a basket but that quickly became an eyesore. It got messy whenever he wanted something from the bottom, and inevitably things got tangled. We put baskets inside the drawer to keep things separated: accessories (leash, collars, etc), basket of toys, basket of balls.

Find a dog walker: Some good questions to ask of your dog walking service: will your dog always have the same walker? What if it rains? Ideally, I think working with an independent dog walker is best. They get to know your dog really well and you have direct communication with who you are working with. However, I have used a few dog walking services and found them to be just fine. I originally thought having a walker was a must, but Logan does just fine waiting for me to get home.

Find a dog sitter: My absolute favorite app for dog sitting is Rover. The app is incredibly well organized and I have met nothing but wonderful dog sitters through it! In fact, at one point I met three sitters and it was hard to choose one. When we travel, we have a dog sitter (or close friend) watch Logan in our apartment. 

Doggy day care: Logan has never been to a doggy day care in DC so I cannot speak to this from my own experience. However, I know dog owners who have their pups picked up around 9am and taken to a farm where they play and have fun all day long. The pups are then brought back home around 5pm. They literally come into your apartment, get your dog, and bring him/her back when the day is done! Like dog walking, this sounds great, but some pups just want to relax during the day. I know Logan does. 

Find your vet and animal hospital: Perhaps the most important thing you will decide is where to bring your pet for care. The best way to find your vet is to ask other dog owners where they go and what their experience was like. We started at one vet downtown that was great, but then moved to another where we felt Logan would have an even better experience. Besides yearly care save the phone number of your nearest animal hospital! We brought Logan to the Friendship Heights Animal Hospital for an emergency and received excellent care. Talk to your vet about having the necessary items to induce vomiting in case of emergencies like eating foods or materials that can cause serious harm. Once Logan swallowed a wasp and from that point forward our vet agreed, we needed to have the supplies and know how to use them. Of course, we would consult the vet over the phone before we do so, but at least we are equipped.

Other tips: I really love having a small security camera up to be able to see Logan when I am at work. The live stream can be pulled up on my phone and I can talk to him through it as well. There is no need for a specific camera for dogs, a small security camera will do. I do not leave it plugged in all the time, but it is nice to have the option. *Updated* Also, you will absolutely want a traffic leash. These are so important for making sure your pup stays safe while walking on busy streets.

Logie and I wish you a happy week ahead! 

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