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How to Plan Romantic Anniversary Photos

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One year anniversary photos are wonderfully fun to take and quite honestly, so much more fun than wedding day photos! With a scheduled couple's shoot, you have all the time in the world to plan your outfits, get your hair just right, and take them on a day with gorgeous weather. 

The photos in this post are just a sampling of the memories we captured on our one year anniversary. When we dated, I used to set up my camera and snap a few photos of us every season or so. Now, I love to go all out and work with a photographer to style a shoot each year. There is such beauty in having a memory of you and your other half as years go by. Having planned these a few times, here is a short guide on some things to consider when planning an anniversary session of your own:

  1. First things first, dream up what you want your photos to look like. For our one year photos I knew I wanted hubby to be dapper and me in a gown. I pictured them being dreamy, romantic, and outdoors. If you could describe your own shoot, what would it be like? Of course, I browsed Pinterest. I later used my Pinterest board to show my photographer the exact style I was aiming for and see what she thought about it.
  2. Reach out to a photographer. Even if they do not currently offer an anniversary package, just ask. I emailed Rachel and simply asked her if this was something she would be open to doing. Sure enough, she responded with a yes! 
  3. Choose your location. Depending on the vibe you are going for your location will vary. I really hoped to have our one year photos in a natural setting in Virginia. I looked up inns, hotels, and unique locations that would work. Your photographer may recommend some favorite spots as well so definitely ask.
  4. Start looking for your outfits at least 2 weeks in advance. Think about colors that flatter your skin tone and pieces that feel comfortable whether you are sitting, walking, standing, or twirling. For colors, I think navy is always a win for men or women. I think something chambray for one and pop of red for the other is a beautiful combination as well. Try to keep some contrast between the two of you. I do think it is nice to get something new for the photos. It looks fresh and adds to the fun of it all. 
  5. When you meet with your photographer request individual photos! I ADORE having portrait photos of my husband alone! One is framed at my desk at work. 
  6. If you feel like you are kind of stiff when it comes to posing, do not worry. One thing that always works is for the two of you to look at each other and one of you to start talking about how you met, how you feel in love, or another special memory. The look on your faces will just be glowing and you will naturally embrace and touch as you listen to each other. 
  7. As an extra, we also plan a fun meal to enjoy afterwards. Why not?! 

Sample timeline:
2-3 months: dream up your ideal shoot and contact your photographer
1 month: If you're renting a dress, consider doing so at this point because certain styles book quickly!
2-3 weeks: Start selecting, ordering, and shopping for your outfits.
1-2 days prior: Get your nails done. Pick up any flowers (or flower crown perhaps!) that you may have ordered.
Day of: I changed into my gown when I arrived at Poplar Springs Inn. I packed my lipstick and a curling wand for a quick touch up if needed. If you are changing at the location, double check that you have your shoes and any special bra. Those are two things I am most likely to forget, ha.

And have fun! What is a special tradition you and your love share? I melt hearing what couples do to celebrate their love!

Almost Friday, ladies! Yay! 


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  1. All excellent tips - these anniversary photos are amazing! You guys look so good!
    Your dress is a dream and you look so ethereally beautiful! Love the new hair color as well.
    Happy anniversary! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes