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When a best friend asked me to share my summer goals, it really got me thinking. Last summer, travel was the best antidote to a difficult start to the year due to my mom being sick (she is okay now). The trips were a part of my own personal healing process and each place taught me something new about myself and what I want in life. It felt good to get out of town and see new things. From driving around Honolulu to find the best tacos, going to my best friend's wedding in China, to finally stepping foot on the west coast byway of Seattle- to name a few.

Shortly after my last trip- which was a yoga retreat, I felt a shift in my heart. My husband felt it, too. We decided months ago that we wanted to be intentional about this year and this summer especially. To discover the beauty of daily life and make the space we call home something more "us". A time of much desired simplicity and slowness. Bright, sunny mornings. Homemade smoothie bowls. Lounging around, with fun, weekend getaways in-between.

I want to create daily habits that nourish me and my family. I have felt drawn to writing and creating. Reading and reflecting. I want to be the person who has time to make and drink a cup of tea in the morning. Who throws a few things in a bag for a weekend or day-trip getaway but comes back to the nest. These are some of my hopes and goals for this season:

  • Read some books I have been wanting to finish
  • Create better daily habits, like drinking more water every day
  • Host an event 
  • Workout multiple times per week (gym, yoga at home, climbing)
  • Do a FULL closet clean out
  • Create and print photo books of travels
  • Have a picnic at Meridian Hill Park
  • Go to see Ai WeiWei's exhibit at Hirshhorn later this month

What are your goals? Are you planning any fun trips this summer? Follow whatever your heart is leading you to do. 


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  1. Those are great goals! Funnily enough, last year was my summer of intention and this summer is going to be my summer of travel haha. That said, I think I just want to get more reading done and maybe take a few online courses and get certified in something.
    I adore your outfit - that is the perfect little black dress!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes